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Fantasy ~ ~ "Style with Flair" ~ ~ For Sale or Free Lease

By: Galadriel Billington

9:49PM Apr 23, 2007

Fantasy left August 19th to be re-united with her dam at her new home. Happy news for the Pony!

"Fantasy" is a lovely 14:3 Morgan mare, registered as "Style with Flair." She's flaxen, 10 years old (born 1997), tremendously sweet. It's time to find her a new home, with someone quiet, with subdued body language. Fantasy desperately wants to bond with her own human, and I just can't give her that. She would be great for an experienced teen who is horse-crazy, or an adult who wants one horse to love and adore. Give her an opportunity; you'll get a horse who loves you like nothing you've seen before.

She is great for ground handling, and very green to ride. She is exceptionally willing; if she can figure out what you want, she will do it. She does not deliberately misbehave. She's a very cute mover, and has some interesting potential: she's jumped our 4' fence a few times with no problems. I think she'd make an adorable hunter or eventer--or a great trail horse, or housetrain her and have a very large hooved puppy. She could make a good Morgan broodmare.

She came to us in 2004. We'd been here a year; during that time, we observed that our neighbors didn't ever have anything done with their 2 horses. Their feet were not trimmed, they weren't dewormed, they didn't receive veterinary attention. They claimed they didn't have anyone out because they couldn't catch the horses--which was silly, because Fantasy kept breaking into our pastures and we'd catch her in order to take her home. We did offer to catch and hold them for vet and farrier, but the neighbors refused to take us up on it.

Fantasy really wanted to get along with people, but she was shy. I spent the year making friends with her across the fence. She finally let me put my hands on her face without flinching. The next week, she broke out of their pasture for the last time: she got tangled in their barbed wire and uprooted 2 4"x6" fence posts. She showed up in our yard yet again. We offered to pay the vet bills, doctor the wounds, etc if they'd give her to us. So we acquired a Morgan.

So much for "she can't be caught!" Despite the fact that I doctored her injuries twice daily (wasn't pleasant for her), within only a few days she was walking up to us in the pasture. She became a "pocket pony" and she is always following us around and being "helpful."

We discovered immediately that she had never been taught ANYthing. Put a halter on her, tug on the lead rope, and she swung her hind end away and panicked. She didn't know how to lead; all she knew was that halter + tug on the lead rope meant she was going to be smacked. She had a lot of fear. She has learned to lead, to lunge, generally to be handled...but she still freezes up and cringes when she is confused. She doesn't fight, she isn't bad or resistant, she just freezes. This isn't misbehavior on her part; it's legitimate fear.

I'm a little too strong and brisk to mesh well with Fantasy. She responds best when someone is trying to encourage her, not command her. "Ask, tell, insist" doesn't work with her; she just panics or withdraws. Request, ask, ask again exactly the same, ask again...that works with her.

I am looking for a long-term home for Fantasy. I am willing to sell her to the right home; I'd be happy to take payments. I'd like a contract with right of first refusal if she is ever sold. If we find the perfect home but they can not buy her outright, I would be happy to consider a long-term free lease. What's most important is getting Fantasy into the right hands.

For someone close by, I would be delighted to offer training help and riding lessons to continue Fantasy's training.

Fantasy is aching for a soulmate. She wants a person; she wants to be loved. She can't have that here. Click "Contact Me" in the sidebar if you'd like to talk about Fantasy.

Style with Flair
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