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Long Distance Saddle Work--Sending a Saddle

By: Galadriel Billington

5:07PM Oct 15, 2006

Total reflocking starts at $120. This includes thoroughly cleaning inside and out and stripping the old flocking. The panels will be reflocked with high-quality 100% wool. All of the necessary shaping of the panels is included in the price. I will provide you with both a written evaluation and a sample of your old flocking.

Saddle Photos
A saddle photo evaluation may be a good place to start (see fees). If the saddle is twisted or otherwise visibly flawed, we'll know in advance. (Sometimes this can be fixed, but the estimate will be higher than a simple reflocking.) The photo evaluation is $5; if you then send me the saddle for work, I will apply $5 to those fees.

If you do not have a local saddle fitter who can take measurements, I have a template set with instructions which I sell for $30. You can use this to take measurements of your horse's back. If you buy a template set and then send me a saddle to reflock, I'll apply $15 to the cost of the reflock. The template set is also useful for comparing to your current saddles, or when saddle shopping.

Extra fees may be incurred for:
  • Extra flocking (some saddles, especially gusseted ones, need more flocking than normal);
  • Any unusual conditions of the saddle (for example, if the top of the panels falls apart when I get it opened, I'll need to put it back together--and that's a legit example, not one I just made up!);
  • Any other necessary repairs that I find inside the saddle when I open it (for example, if the points need replacing, I'll need to do that before I put it back together).

Necessary work, and any other requested alterations/repairs, is charged at $45/hr labor plus cost of materials.

Often saddles are quite dry inside, and require a few days of conditioning before I can start working on them. If your saddle is more than 5 years old or has been stored outside at all, I recommend sending it early. I will then be able to begin conditioning it immediately.


When sending the saddle, please include:
1) the templates (of course), and
2) a deposit of $120 for the strip flocking/reflocking, plus
3) the cost of return shipping.
4) If possible, please also include photos (see below).

I will return ship however you'd like (ground, overnight, etc) just . When I return the saddle, I will include a bill for any additional fees (extra flocking for large panels, moving point billet, etc) when returning the saddle.

I like to see pictures of the horse as well as the templates. These pictures should be taken with the horse standing squarely, in good light. I would like to see pictures of:
  • The horse from the left (whole body including head and feet).
  • The horse from the right (whole body including head and feet).
  • The horse from behind and slightly above (showing tail, hindquarters, back, and withers).
  • The horse wearing the saddle, from left and from right (no saddle pad).
  • The horse wearing the saddle from behind and slightly above, showing where the saddle touches the horse's back (no saddle pad). It may help to place a stool about 10 feet behind the horse, stand on the stool and use the "zoom" on your camera.
  • Shoulders of the horse while wearing the saddle (both left and right). The pictures that are most useful are taken from almost directly in front, and show the horse's shoulder from the wither to about halfway down the flap.
  • The saddle from directly in front, camera placed at the crest of the neck, showing the wither and the gullet of the saddle.

These pictures may be sent by email (click "Contact Me" in the sidebar) or sent with the saddle. I know that it is often considerate to scale pictures down when sending them, but I do prefer to have images as large as possible. Please send me large images or photos without cropping them down.
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