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By: Galadriel Billington

8:33PM Apr 24, 2004

November 29, 2004:
New article: Dealing with Fear of Falling
Some people are afraid to ride, due to a fear of falling. Some people find each ride full of tension or stress due to this fear. It is a legitimate fear! But it doesn't have to be an overwhelming one. There are a number of precautions that you can take, to make riding more safe. In the event of a fall, your precautions may minimize (or even prevent) any injury. You can keep yourself safe and relax about someday falling off, but make sure that, in case of a fall, you are prepared.

Nov 27, 2004:
Updated article: How Hard do you Hit the Ground?
I see that I'm getting a lot of hits on my buck page -- I've been meaning to revise that one for a while, so now seemed a good time.

November 8, 2004:
New article: Sand Colic
A horse may accidentally pick up sand while grazing or eating off the ground. The sand tends to build up in the digestive system. Since it just sits there, and doesn't move through, it can eventually get very heavy and uncomfortable for the horse.

October 27, 2004:
Guest Lecture at University of Florida
Guest lecture on sports massage for the UF Animal Science department's "Introduction to Equine Science" course.
Thank you to Kelly and Tonya for inviting me. I quite enjoyed my time there.

October 8, 2004:
New article: New Horse Woes
Several elements may influence a horse's adjustment to a new home.

Sept 26, 2004 -- Survived Hurricane Jeanne

Sept 5, 2004 -- Survived Hurricane Frances

June 14, 2004:
New article: Half-Tree Saddles
The half-tree saddle is often misunderstood. Let's look at the "tree" of the half-tree saddle and examine its effect on the horse's back.

June 10, 2004:
New article: Shoulderblade Interference with the Saddle
A saddle should be set at least two fingers behind the shoulderblade, to allow the shoulderblade freedom to rotate. Unfortunately, sometimes the flap will interfere with the rotation of the shoulderblade, even when the saddle is set back.

June 9, 2004:
New article: Tree Sizes in English and Western Saddles
The width of a tree is determined by the measurements at the front of the saddle. English trees may be narrow, medium, or wide. Western trees may have regular, semi-QH, QH, full QH, or Arabian bars.

June 6, 2004:
New article: Tips for Extended Trailer Trips
When hauling a horse over an extended period of time (more than a few hours) a horse may become very uncomfortable. There are some precautions you can take to keep the horse as happy and healthy as possible.

June 2, 2004:
New article: Weight--Bearing Surface and Pressure Calculations
In addition to reading about weight distribution, you can also play with Javascript calculations.

May 25, 2004:
New article: Carrying Weight and Distribution
A Western saddle is typically heavier than an English saddle. However, a Western saddle may be more comfortable for a horse carrying a heavy rider--even though it means that the horse is carrying *more* weight overall.

May 25, 2004:
New article: Saddle Pads
There are all sorts of pads out there designed to make a saddle "fit" better. Unfortunately, the only way to make a saddle fit better is to change the saddle itself.

May 16, 2004:
New article: Saddle alterations (log entries)

May 10, 2004:
New article: Customizing an English Saddle
I've said that it's not very precise, and can be damaging, to try to adjust the fit of a saddle with a pad. See Saddle Pads for more discussion of this issue.) How, then, can you adjust the fit? Well, an English saddle is almost infinitely customizable by altering the flocking.

May 8, 2004:
New article: Leg Wraps & Boots.
The use of boots or leg wraps very much depends on what you want to get out of the boots or wraps. You should carefully examine what you want to do and how much boot to use.

May 6, 2004:
Added several articles on saddle fitting.

It's April 24, 2004 and we've launched the site in the new format. More news:
  • Articles on catching, "partnership" with your horse, boss mare horses, and the equine dominance "aloofness" game, in Handling and Training.
  • Two-part article on learning how to ride jumps in Jumping. More pictures will be taken to show the actual horse (line drawings right now); however, we're still dealing with Galadriel's slipped disk.
  • Most older articles edited and updated.
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