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Recent News From Thorowgood:

Widening another gullet

Here we have a nice wide Thorowgood. At least, it's nice and wide in the front. In the back, it was much too narrow between the panels.

It's a pretty small saddle, and the rider is fairly light, but it would still be overall better to get some more spine clearance.

I'll give you the "before" and "after" shots, then I'll go into a little more detail about how I went about it.

Before After

The outer edges of the panels were stapled to the inside edge of the tree (yellow). I first removed the staples and attached the panel to the outside edge of the tree (green).
This did not provide enough width, in part because it wasn't enough extra width and in part because the panels were held together at the center.
To get the width I needed, I had to attach the outer seam of the panels to the outside edge of the skirt.
I also had to separate the panels at the center,
and add an insert.
Once I had the insert put in, I stitched the outside seam of the panel to the outside seam of the skirt.
The end product is a gullet that maintains its width from front to back.

(Added on Wednesday, August 04, 2004 @ 12:44:55 PM)