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Recent News From CashelSS:

Modifying the Cashel Soft Saddle

The problem with most bareback pads is that the girth is narrow and quite forward on the pad. When you tighten the girth, it drags on the wither--even on some pretty wide, mutton-withered horses, it'll drag on the wither. Since there's no tree or other stabilizing factors, the girth has to be pretty tight to keep it in place; that makes a serious pressure point across the horse's wither, dragging directly on the tips of the vertebrae.

The Cashel has somewhat the same issue; it is, however, thick foam. I cut a bit out of the foam at the wither. Actually I cut all the way down the spine, but removed most from the wither area. This allowed for a little less drag all down the spine, and much less drag at the wither.

The girth originally connected to the saddle quite forward, and had a single strap going across the back.


So I also modified the girth placement so that it is more like centerfire rigging. It doesn't drag directly on the wither now, and the cut out area leaves some room for the withers. Instead of a single narrow band that goes across the wither area, the girth now attached to a band crossing the saddle at the front AND a band crossing the saddle at the back.


In the process of modifying the rigging, I also added a couple of billets that I had sitting around, and now my Cashel SS uses a dressage girth.

With the modifications, I find it a quite useful little tool.

(Added on Sunday, May 15, 2005 @ 03:19:30 PM)