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Saddle Fitting Essentials: For the Horse Lover
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This book is written for any horse owner or rider. It is accessible to the amateur, yet comprehensive and informative for the professional.

Learn to
  • Identify positive and negative qualities in a saddle,
  • Analyze a new or used saddle for purchase,
  • Look for flaws in a saddle, and
  • Evaluate a saddle for major fit issues.
Book Details
  • Paperback Price: $9.99
  • E-Book Price: $4.99
  • Length: 80 pages
  • Publisher: Lorien Stable Press
  • ISBN: 978-0-9765978-1-0

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Reviews and Comments

"As the author of a booklet on saddle-fitting and the teacher of many clinics on tack selection and fitting, I am delighted to be able to recommend a truly helpful, affordable, and charming book: SADDLE FITTING FOR THE HORSE OWNER, by Galadriel Billington.

The accurate and useful information, clear text, and effective graphics in this book combine to create an excellent, affordable resource for anyone interested in the effects of saddle fit on equine comfort and performance.

Owning a horse is not a prerequisite for learning about saddle-fitting. This book should definitely be on every horse-owner's bookshelf - and it should be on every rider's bookshelf as well."
- Dr. Jessica Jahiel
* * * * *

"Your style is friendly, your approach is matter-of-fact and organized, and the end result is that you take the intimidation out of saddle fit, which for some reason many experts love to shroud in mystery -- perhaps in order to elevate themselves to a position of indispensability. And, your graphics and illustrations are wonderful. I will be pleased to recommend your book. "
- Dr. Karen Hayes
* * * * *

"I would certainly recommend everyone get this book, especially if you're thinking of buying a saddle or getting a fitter out etc. and even if your not it gives an insight into saddle construction and fitting, something that I think all horse owners should be more aware of. I have a copy I carry around with me in the car."
- Norman Hyett, saddle fitter and Bowen practitioner
* * * * *

"[The book] states its objective and sticks to it, building each step of the tale in a clear and logical flow of development. And not getting distracted into issues it shouldn't. I felt there was a good flow to the writing - it keeps drawing you on and in."
- Cathy Barwick, reader
* * * * *

"Nobody ever tells you stuff like this"
- Ray Baker, reader
* * * * *

"It should be compulsory for all horse people to read."
- Equinenergy Certified Equine Body Worker
* * * * *

"so much helpful information and put so simply that even I can understand!"
- Patty, "old lady trail rider"

* * * * *

"Thank you so much for thinking of the horse and offering owners a chance to get it right!"
- Kerrie, reader
* * * * *

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