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How to Build Jump Standards

By: Galadriel Billington

10:27AM Apr 8, 2004

Building a schooling standard involves very little in the way of carpentry, and can be quite inexpensive.
a post
a 2x8
You'll need:

a 6' privacy fence post, 4" x 4" (1.8m, 0.1m x 0.1m) and

4' of 2"x8" board. (4'~1.2m)

Also a saw, 3" screws (16) and a drill, or 3" nails (16) and a hammer.
post with some holes Starting 12" up from the bottom, drill 1/2" holes every 3".
These are, of course, for the jump cup pins.
the two by eight cut up
two by eight cut
Now, take your 4' of 2"x8" board and slice it up into 4 segments of 12" each.
(4 segments of .3m each)
foot cutouts
For each segment, cut off a 6"x4" triangle on one corner.
(.15m x .1m)

You'll have four "feet."
post with feet Attach a foot to the bottom of the post (screws or nails).
Make the left side of the foot flush with the left side of the post.
Repeat with one foot per side.
When you attach the next foot, it will be flush with the left side
of the post, and backed up against the foot already in place.
finished standard from above Finished standard seen from above.
finished Finished standard seen from the side.
You'll probably want to paint it, but it's perfectly usable at this point. I can get the post for about $6 and the board for about $4 at Home Depot; considering that a set of schooling standards sells for $75, not a bad deal!

I usually use 10' long 3" PVC pipe for poles. I can get those for about $7 each. You can get special sticky strips to make stripes on your PVC poles (riding supply stores) or you can get contact paper from your local office supply stores :) You may need to reinforce the contact paper with clear packing tape.
Jump cups are hard to make, but at $5-$10 each it's worth a little creativity. Feel free to let me know if you've got a good idea on this one.
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2004 Galadriel Billington. All rights reserved.