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Recent Updates
  • My health is simply too bad. I am not able to do any work with horses. I will continue to publish articles as I am able.
  • October 2013: Video! Inspecting an English saddle for a broken tree.

  • I've been extremely unwell for several years, with all kinds of crazy diagnoses. We seem to have it pinpointed now, but it looks like I may never be able to hold up my arms the way I need to for saddle fitting.

  • Template Instructions: here and here.
  • Carrot stretches and leg stretches here.
  • Get more information in our News section.
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Welcome to Lorien Stable.

Galadriel was named for the queen of the elves of the Lorien Forest in Tolkien's trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. We are, therefore, "Lorien Stable." We have articles on safety, riding, training and horse ownership; saddle fitting, and massage therapy for horses; and a discussion forum.

Galadriel offers saddle fitting, equine sports massage, riding instruction, and horse training. Consulting is available for a number of different issues (performance horse, problem horse, horse ownership) which may include any or all of the listed services. Online or long distance consulting (via answered questions or video evaluation) is also available; click "contact me" in the sidebar to email for more information. Galadriel is happy to speak to horse clubs and organizations, or for clinics and seminars.

Galadriel has extensive and varied experience with horses. She apprenticed under several eventing (combined training) trainer/instructors in Florida and Georgia. During this time she completed her degree in Physics at Georgia Tech. Since then she has managed a small boarding stable, trained her own and clients' horses, and taught riding lessons. Galadriel uses a fair amount of the varied "natural horsemanship" techniques in her handling and training; she calls it "common sense" and "listening to the horse." Galadriel has also acquired certification in Stable Management, Recreational Riding Instruction, Saddle Fitting and Reflocking, and Equine Sports Massage Therapy.

Galadriel has worked with Off-Track Thoroughbreds, young untrained horses, older green horses, lesson/camp horses, and stallions. Her students have been novices, novice horse owners, experienced riders; children and adults. Galadriel particularly enjoys working with off-track Thoroughbreds and novices (but preferably not at the same time).

Greetings to you from the Lorien Stable crew:
Galadriel and Katherine
Galadriel and Lady Katherine
John and Serenity
John and Serenity
Foal - Firefly Galadriel and Firefly
"Silver Lining" (Firefly)
Lady Katherine x Silver Galtee IDSH
born June 28, 2006
Foal - Serenity Serenity and stuffed ducky
Percheron x TB, adopted nurse mare foal
born June 2006
Galahad face
Spaniel Antics
Galahad trotting
Yvaine eyes
Spaniel Antics
Yvaine fluff
Foal - Jacques
Rest in Peace, little Jacques
May 28, 2006 to May 30, 2006
And your dam, our beloved Duchess
?-November 12, 2010
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